Add a touch of Magnolia to your home with these decorating ideas inspired by Joanna Gaines

The iconic star of Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines, has taken the world by storm through her flawless design ideas and delightful cozy spaces.

Her impeccable style is admired by millions of households around the globe who aspire to have a touch of Magnolia in their homes.

In this article, we’ve gathered beautiful decorating ideas inspired by Gaines so you can warm up your space and bring a sense of coziness and charm into your interiors.


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Create an inviting entryway

A welcoming entryway sets the tone for the rest of your home. Use rugs, comfortable seating, and tasteful coat hooks to make a statement about the warmth and hospitality throughout your living space.

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Consider updating your lighting fixtures as well; try something with an antique or vintage flair to embody that nostalgic atmosphere Joanna loves.

Liven up your walls with shiplap

One of Joanna’s signature design elements is shiplap, a popular wall treatment that adds texture and character to any room.

Installing shiplap on one accent wall or throughout your space lends itself to a refreshing and sophisticated look that will draw your guests in immediately once they walk through the door.

Mix and match different textures

Creating a dynamic interior is all about striking balance with different textures. Incorporate a variety of materials like wood, metal, upholstery, rope, and more, to create visual depth and interest in your rooms.

The juxtaposition between rough and smooth surfaces will keep things from looking too polished while still remaining stylish.

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Bring farmhouse flair to your kitchen

A simple way to infuse your kitchen with some farmhouse charm is to update your cabinetry hardware with hooks, knobs, and handles that boast a rustic or vintage sensibility.

Swap out your light fixtures for those that evoke the days of yesteryear, and don’t forget to add shiplap or reclaimed wood accents for a charming backdrop.

Add some greenery

No Joanna Gaines-inspired space would be complete without some lush greenery peppered throughout the home.

Large potted plants and smaller botanicals on shelves or countertops will breathe life into any room and infuse it with warmth.