Unleash your inner DIY genius with these top 10 Netflix home improvement shows you need to binge-watch now!

Are you searching for some binge-worthy home improvement shows on Netflix that will provide you with DIY inspiration and ideas?

Look no further! We have curated a list of the top 15 shows that will not only entertain you but also motivate you to revamp your living space.

From interior design makeovers to organization tips, these shows cover it all. So grab your popcorn and get ready to binge-watch!

1. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo‘s minimalist approach to decluttering and organizing your home will inspire you to eliminate clutter and create an environment that “sparks joy.”

Her simple tricks will help you transform your space into a more functional and beautiful living area.

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2. Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo

In this spinoff series, Marie Kondo extends her tidying up methods to workspaces and businesses.

You’ll learn how to bring balance and organization to your work and home life, creating a more productive and harmonious environment.

3. Get Organized With The Home Edit

If you’re obsessed with organization, this show is a must-watch. The Home Edit duo takes on the challenge of organizing the homes of celebrities and everyday families.

Get ready to be inspired by their innovative storage solutions and stylish makeovers.

4. Dream Home Makeover

Studio McGee‘s luxurious yet minimalist design style takes center stage in this series. Follow the design firm as they revamp family homes, from cozy cabins to grand manors.

Get ready to have serious kitchen makeover envy!

5. Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a feel-good show that goes beyond just home makeovers. It touches on various aspects of self-improvement, including home decor transformations led by Bobby Berk.

Each episode will warm your heart and inspire you to create a space that reflects your true self.

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6. Styling Hollywood

Follow the journey of married business partners, Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis, as they style A-list celebrities for red carpet events and transform their homes into glamorous spaces.

Get a glimpse into Hollywood’s social scene and the challenges of balancing work and personal life.

6. Stay Here

This series focuses on transforming short-term vacation rentals into incredible spaces. Follow the hosts as they work their magic on unique properties, from houseboats to former firehouses.

If you’re dreaming of opening your own vacation rental, this show will offer valuable insights and inspiration.

7. Instant Dream Home

Witness the power of teamwork as host Danielle Brooks and a crew of designers renovate neglected homes in just 12 hours. The emotional reveals of the transformed homes will leave you reaching for the tissues.

8. Holiday Home Makeover With Mr. Christmas

Celebrate the holiday season with this heartwarming show. Experience the magic of Benjamin Bradley‘s interior design skills as he turns ordinary spaces into winter wonderlands.

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Whether it’s a firehouse or a first-time holiday hostess’ home, Mr. Christmas has your holiday decor covered.

9. Designing Miami

Follow the exciting journey of Ray and Eilyn Jimenez, a young Latino power couple, as they design spaces for Miami’s high-end clients.

With each spouse leading their own design company, you’ll witness their individual creativity and collaboration on their dream house build.

10. Motel Makeover

Join two friends as they transform a rundown motel into a quirky and delightful oasis for travelers. This show proves that with creativity and a limited budget, you can create stunning spaces that leave a lasting impression.

Netflix offers a wide range of home improvement shows that will satisfy your DIY cravings. From organization tips to stunning room makeovers, these shows are sure to inspire and motivate you.

So grab your remote and start binging on these top 15 shows for hours of entertainment and DIY inspiration.

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