Guess what this couple found under the floor of the house they had just bought!

Embarking on the journey of home ownership, a couple thought they knew exactly what they were getting when they signed on the dotted line of their new property.

They anticipated a journey full of renovations, restorations, and a few surprises along the way.

However, nothing could have prepared them for the remarkable discovery that lay hidden beneath the seemingly ordinary floor of their new home.

A secret so unexpected, it left them and the entire internet astounded. Can you take a wild guess what they found under the flooring of their newly-bought abode? The answer will surprise you!

The discovery

Embarking on home renovations, homeowners often stumble upon fascinating finds such as hidden rooms, secret doors, and occasionally family treasures.

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But how about unearthing a secret indoor pool and hot tub? This was precisely the startling surprise uncovered by a new homeowner.

TikTok user @GlassyEm shared her astonishing discovery on the social platform which was nothing short of jaw-dropping!

The viral TikTok reveal

The whole revelation occurred during her home improvement process on her newly purchased property. To her amazement, she uncovered a concealed indoor pool and hot tub beneath the floor.

The TikTok video detailing this find has now gone viral, opening a floodgate of comments and suggestions on how best to utilize this rediscovered space.

@funkyglassworks Well… guess what we found under the floor of the house we just bought #houserenovation #whatwefound ♬ Jackass – TV Theme Players

The plan

Upon sharing her discovery with the world, @GlassyEm revealed, “Our current idea is to turn it into an indoor koi pond and atrium with lots of plants”.

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She also hinted at the idea of renovating the hot tub but mentioned for now her intention is to turn the space into an indoor skatepark.

Online reactions

In response to her video, social media users presented a barrage of intriguing suggestions from restoring the space into a sunken living room, a nostalgia-sparking conversation pit to, notably, an indoor koi pond.

The house history

However, this revelation wasn’t all too exciting initially. During the house inspection, there were reports of the game room floors being “wavy”, which contributed to the inspection of the house’s support beams.

“We were told that at one point… there was an indoor swimming pool,…” @GlassyEm shared, revealing the house’s history.


@funkyglassworksWe are ready for plants!!!♬ Little Things – Adrian Berenguer

What would you do?

Put yourself in the shoes of this TikTok user. With an unexpected indoor pool lurking beneath your home, would you take the step to restore it?

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Or perhaps, would you transform it into an indoor koi pond? The decision remains a head-scratcher. What a fabulous discovery to ponder upon!

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